Part of the Program: Adult Classes and Workshops

W2 | Creating Unique Beverages and Cocktails with Botanicals (In-Studio)

12:00 pm
3:30 pm
Woodmere Art Museum Studio

Dive into the world of botanical drink making. Join Danny Childs for an afternoon of learning how to transform botanical ingredients—grown in the garden or purchased from a store—into singular beverages and cocktails. Childs brings his training as an ethnobotanist to the world of drinks and explores new ways to make sodas, syrups, wines, beers, and amari.

This workshop will include an hour for a foraging botanicals from Woodmere’s gardens and landscape plus time to explore the primary techniques and ingredients to create a variety of wonderfully delicious drinks. Topics will include fermented beverages, lacto-ferments, vinegar preserves, infused amari, liqueurs, bitters, and, of course, cocktails. Samples will be provided throughout. A fun discovery class for all do-it-yourselfers, foodies, home cooks and brewers, food activists, foragers, and anyone looking to learn about botanical drink making. 

Those who are taking the class will benefit most with a copy of Child’s book, Slow Drinks on sale in the Museum Store.