An unidentified woman photographed for a calendar produced by Dox Thrash

Credit Line
John W. Mosley Photograph Collection, Charles L. Blockson Afro-American Collection, Temple University Libraries, Philadelphia, PA.

In this image, Mosley poses a young woman in front of holiday backdrops made by Philadelphia artist Dox Thrash. Depicting holidays like Christmas, Thanksgiving, and Easter, the images were printed as a calendar.

Charles L. Blockson, curator emeritus of the Blockson Collection at Temple University Libraries, notes,

Mosley loved to take pictures with women. Later on, his wife, Teresa, told me during World War II, most of the women posed for pin-ups for Mosley because, Teresa said, they didn’t want their husbands or boyfriends to be looking at other women, so women would pose for Mosley—highly distinguished women: teachers, librarians, students, and so forth. But then she said she did something she was sorry she had done, ‘I made him get rid of all his nudes.’ He had a lot of nudes.

Thankfully these photographs survive as a record of the collaboration between Thrash and Mosley.

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