Democratic National Convention, Convention Hall, Philadelphia

July 11, 1948
Credit Line
John W. Mosley Photograph Collection, Charles L. Blockson Afro-American Collection, Temple University Libraries, Philadelphia, PA.

Mosley recorded the excitement and activity of three political conventions held in Philadelphia in the summer of 1948. That year, the Democratic Party nominated incumbent President Harry S. Truman. The Republican Party nominated Thomas E. Dewey. And the Progressive Party nominated Henry A. Wallace.

All three parties launched their presidential campaigns from the Convention Hall (also known as the Civic Center) in West Philadelphia. The facility could accommodate twelve thousand people, but in 1948 it lacked an effective cooling system. The Republicans met from June 21 to 25, and Democrats from July 12 to 15, and the Progressives from July 23 to 25. This was the first televised coverage of the political conventions, and viewers saw the candidates and delegates suffering in the heat.

Truman went on to win the general election that fall.

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