Woodmere tells the story of Philadelphia’s art and artists through a broad range of exhibitions, music events, classes, lectures, and programs.

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1/25/16: Woodmere hosts prints from six Philly-area schools in new exhibit

1/19/16: A new festival at Woodmere Art Museum celebrates MLK’s legacy

1/14/16: Weekly Entertainment Guide – We Speak

1/13/16: The works of Eileen Goodman displayed at Woodmere Art Museum

1/12/16: Love The Arts in Philadelphia: THE WEIGHT OF WATERCOLOR The Art of Eileen Goodman

1/8/16: Participate in these MLK Day 2016 events in Philly

1/4/16: Chestnut Hill space spotlights decades of Philly’s black artists

12/28/15: We Speak: Black Artists in Philadelphia, 1920s-1970s at the Woodmere Art Museum

12/26/15: Woodmere Art Museum Showing ‘We Speak: Black Artists In Philadelphia, 1920s-1970s’

12/22/15: Weekly Entertainment Guide – Holiday Round Up

12/16/15: Fifty years of art by Philadelphia African-Americans showcased in Woodmere Art Museum exhibit

12/13/15: Art: Black Philadelphia artists, visible at last

11/20/15: The Watercolors of Eileen Goodman

11/13/15: Philadelphia Story
We Speak: Black Artists of Philadelphia 1920s – 1970s

10/15/15: Fall Exhibitions: 42 Must-See Museum Shows Featuring Black Artists

10/14/15: Fifty Years of African American Art Explored At Woodmere Art Museum in Philadelphia

10/11/15: Woodmere exhibition showcases 50 years of work by black artists in Philadelphia

09/30/15: Five Decades: Black Artists in Philadelphia, 1925-1976

09/29/15: Woodmere exhibit follows Philly’s black artists through a tumultuous half-century

09/24/15:Chestnut Hill Local: New Woodmere exhibit features work of black artists

07/30/15: Chestnut Hill Local: New Woodmere exhibit in honor of Pope Francis’ visit

7/12/15: Woodmere Art Museum: Annual Juried Exhibit a display of quirky aesthetics

06/09/15: Philly Voice: Five Philly art shows to see in June