School Programs


Woodmere’s educational programs are designed to introduce school age audiences to the world of art, art appreciation, and art making. The Museum offers children many ways in which to explore their artistic abilities, develop critical thinking skills, and learn more about Philadelphia’s art and artists.

All tours are designed to develop students’ observational and interpretative skills and to provide a fun and meaningful experience in a museum.

Art and Storytelling


1 session or more

Bring your preschoolers to the Museum to explore the magic of art and books. These interactive one-hour sessions introduce visual arts concepts through creative play and participatory conversation. Your students will explore the galleries, read a book, and make an art project to take home.

Jump for the Sun

Kindergarten–grade 2

1 session

This program gives young visitors a warm and inviting introduction to art and the Museum. Color and imagination are the emphases. A visit to Woodmere includes an exciting color seek and find, and an art activity.

Artists at Work


Grade 2

1 session

This magical art adventure exposes second-graders to art, art making, and a personal connection with working artists. Students tour the permanent collection and meet four professional artists who have set up their studios in the Museum, demonstrating their work, discussing inspiration and influences, and revealing their creative process.

Yellow Fuzzy Sizzle Pop

Grade 3 and up

1 session

Using poetry as a springboard for interpreting a work of art, this program emphasizes trust in sensory responses to a work of art. Classes visit the Museum and tour the exhibitions in a seek-and-find manner. Poems are read aloud as clues for finding a particular artwork. Students discover the interconnections between words and images. The program concludes with students collectively creating a list poem in response to an artwork and reading it aloud in front of their peers.


A Museum Aesthetics Program

Grade 4 and up

3 sessions

This popular program has become part of many classrooms’ curriculum as it supports the development of writing, critical thinking, visual arts, and literacy skills. Students visit the Museum three times. During the initial visit, educators give the students an in-depth tour, introducing them to art elements, vocabulary, and techniques for interpreting an artwork. Students select a favorite artwork and begin their preliminary investigation. The second visit provides time for careful observation and discussion of the artwork to help students organize their presentations. During the third and final visit, students give their presentations to an audience of their peers and invited guests (families and/or other members of the school community).

The Way I See It

An Arts and Literacy Program

Grade 4 and up

7 sessions

Using the power of art and writing, students explore identity and self-expression. Over the course of several weeks, students from different schools and age groups read and write poetry, make postcard art, and exchange their postcards. Class time is allocated for students to respond to one anothers’ art and poetry. The program includes biweekly artist/poet visits to the classroom and a visit to the Museum for a finale program that celebrates poetry and art with exhibitions of the students’ work, poetry slams, music, and a collaboration of poetry writing about “The Way I See It.”

1, 2, Rhythm and Blue

Grade 5 and up

7 sessions

1, 2, Rhythm and Blue helps students explore the connections between music, math, art, and architecture. Developed to augment existing school curricula, the program highlights important interdisciplinary relationships through a wide range of multisensory experiences and hands-on activities.

Over a seven-week period, students work with professional artists, trained art educators, and musicians. The program begins with students visiting Woodmere. During the next three sessions, artists visit classrooms and guide students in the creative process, investigating art’s connection with math and music. Students come to understand repetition and pattern, perspective, rhythm, time and measurements, fractions, tonal ranges of color, mood and expression, and balance as the shared components of music, math, and art.

Musicians visit the classroom and introduce students to various musical traditions. Students learn about the fundamentals of composing, time and beats, and the development of rhythms through patterns. Students write a collaborative musical composition.

The final session is a finale assembly program for students of all ages at the school. A live musical performance provides an introduction to jazz traditions and includes a performance of the musical composition created by the class. The students’ artwork is exhibited in the school auditorium.

Critical and Contextual Studies

Art History Independent Study

Grades 9–12/college

3 sessions

Students keen to undertake their own research into art and museum collections are introduced into methods of investigating artworks. Working independently and with Museum staff, students research the historical context and background of an artwork and artist, gain an understanding of media, materials, and techniques, and present a highlights tour of their findings.

Discovery Tours

All ages

1 session

Let us organize a lively gallery tour for your class. Each tour is adapted to your needs and your students’ ages and abilities, and includes directed looking, lively discussions, and games. Each tour ends with a fun art activity. Tours are one hour long and can be tailored to your curriculum and interests.

Kids Care

All ages


For this annual celebration of giving, the Museum partners with schools and other institutions. Students make art as gifts for people in need. Themes change every year. These works are exhibited in the Museum’s Helen Millard Children’s Gallery. At the close of the exhibition, students’ artwork is wrapped by volunteers and delivered as a holiday gift.



Helen Millard Children’s Gallery

Since 1986, Woodmere’s children’s gallery has exhibited work by and for young people. To apply for an art exhibition for your school, contact the Education department at 215-247-0948 or


Tour Information and Reservations

To arrange a guided school group tour or participate in one of our PhilARTdelphia programs contact the Education department at 215-247-0948 or


Program Costs

Admission for guided tours is $5 per student. $5 for ArtTrak and for Artists At Work. Chaperones attend free of charge. Financial assistance is granted to schools based on financial need. Busing may be available.




Teacher Workshops

Throughout the year, the Education department presents workshops about the Museum’s collection, special exhibitions, and art production techniques for teachers to take back to the classroom. Act48 credit is available.


Edward M. David Library

This great teacher resource is a general art historical reference library comprising 2,000 books with a focus on local and regional artists and a section for young people. Appointments are necessary.

Contact the Education department at 215-247-0948 or to learn how you or your school can participate in these programs.