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Board and Financial Information


In an effort to live up to the standards of transparency for museums, we offer financial disclosure to the public:

Woodmere Art Museum Donor Policy

Board of Trustees


James Alexandre, President
Amy Branch, Vice President
Ralph Hirshorn, Treasurer
William Wolgin, MD, Assistant Treasurer
Dorothy del Bueno, Ed.D., Secretary


John Affleck
Mick Byers
Elie-Anne Chevrier
Gloria Chisum, Ph.D.
Ryan Farragut
Lawrence Finkelstein, Esq.
Irma Fralic
Marguerite Lenfest
Sarah Lodge
Margaret Sadler
Peter Talman
Anna Woodward

Advisory Committee

Bill Scott
Lynn Hitschler


Emeriti Trustees

Leonard Klorfine
Marguerite Lenfest
Frances Maguire
Dianne Meyer, Esq.
Joseph Nicholson
John Roberts, MD
Sedra Schiffman
Howard Watson
Mary Ann (Sally) Wirts


Honorary Trustees

Edward C. Driscoll
Marie-Louise Jackson


The Patricia Van Burgh Allison

Director and CEO

William Valerio, Ph.D.