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Hosted by Woodmere Art Museum's Director and CEO, Bill Valerio and Stephanie Marudas of Kouvenda Media, Diving Board is a new show about artists, the art they create, and diving into a wide range of social and cultural ideas. 

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Treaty of Renewed Friendship, Land Recognition, and Stewardship

In this episode, Bill Valerio has a conversation with Adam Waterbear DePaul, Storykeeper of the Lenápe Nation of Pennsylvania, and Shelly DePaul, Clan Mother and Language Director of the Lenápe Nation of Pennsylvania about land recognition, stewardship, and forging community relationships to heal the past, give direction for today, and brighten the future.
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Voice for the Arts: Stephan Salisbury Talks with William Valerio About His Career at The Inquirer

Woodmere Art Museum’s Director and CEO Bill Valerio talks with Stephan Salisbury about his career at The Philadelphia Inquirer on the occasion of his retirement. They discuss some of the major events he covered over the years and the future of arts and culture journalism in the city of Philadelphia.
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Hearing the Brush: The Painting and Poetry of Warren and Jane Rohrer

In the spirit of Warren & Jane Rohrer’s collaborative artistic practice, Woodmere’s CEO & Director Bill Valerio sits down with two artist couples: Syd Carpenter & Steve Donegan, and Mariel Capanna & Tyler Goldman. Together, they discuss the characteristics that shape and support their relationships and their artmaking before turning to Warren & Jane’s work, using their personal experiences to guide reflection. “Hearing the Brush: The Painting and Poetry of Warren and Jane Rohrer” is on view through July 10, 2022.
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Don't Feed the Art: Woodmere's Animal Menagerie

In this episode, Woodmere's CEO & Director Bill Valerio takes us on a behind-the-scenes tour of our newest exhibition, "Don't Feed the Art: Woodmere's Animal Menagerie." You'll hear from four museum staff members as they dive into the creation of an art exhibition. What does a curator do? How can a museum inspire visitors to engage with artwork? How does a museum take care of an art collection? Learn the answers to these questions and more!
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Body Language: The Art of Larry Day

On this episode, we’re diving into the masterful work of the late Philadelphia artist, Larry Day. He was known as “The Dean of Philadelphia Painters” and was very much the “Art-Historian Artist.” Day lived from 1921 – 1998 and spent most of his life in Cheltenham Township just outside of Philadelphia. Woodmere has been an avid collector of Day’s work, and is thrilled to be presenting "Body Language: The Art of Larry Day." It’s a unique multi-part exhibition that Woodmere is organizing together with University of the Arts and Arcadia University.
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Introducing Africa in the Arts of Philadelphia | Intro

Africa in the Arts of Philadelphia: Introduction to the Podcast Series. “Africa in the Arts of Philadelphia: Bullock, Searles, and Twins Seven-Seven” is an exhibition on view at Woodmere Art Museum from February 8 through May 17, 2020. Woodmere, located in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, is dedicated to telling the story of the art and artists of the region.
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Freedom's Journal: The Art of Jerry Pinkney | Episode 1

Renowned illustrator and watercolorist Jerry Pinkney and Crystal Lucky, Associate Professor of English and Associate Dean at Villanova University, discuss African American history and both visual and literary interpretations of slavery, the Middle Passage, and the Underground Railroad. Their dialogue covers how the terrible legacy of slavery is felt in the culture of America today, and how there is also an “arc of promise." They discuss how to teach this hard history to children.
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