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The Party 2021

Thank you to everyone who supported The Party 2021!

We greatly mourn the loss of one of the members of our Woodmere family, Jerry Pinkney. Jerry was an incredible artist, a wonderful friend, and one of the kindest individuals we have ever had the pleasure of working with. He will be greatly missed. Thank you for making his celebration at our Party so special.


The Party 2021 Event Sponsors



Julie & James Alexandre

Amy Branch & Jeff Benoliel

Russell Harris, MD

Margaret Steele



Cindy & John Affleck

Mick Byers

Elie-Anne Chevrier & J. Rudy Lewis

Kerri & Ryan Farragut

Barbara & Larry Finkelstein

Irma & Chris Fralic

Natalie & Ralph Hirshorn

Sarah & Ted Lodge

Maguire Foundation

Margaret Sadler

Joly W. Stewart

Dr. William Wolgin



Margery P. Lee



Moses & Susan Feldman


McCausland Foundation | Bonnie & Peter McCausland



Gretchen Ingersoll

Barbara Eberlein & Jerry Wind

Carolyn Adams & John Meigs

Dennis Alter

Patricia G. Beck

Deanna & Jordan Berman

Marty Brady & Bruce Belzak

Susan Higley Bray, MD

Mr. & Mrs. Robert Bryan

Bill & Laura Buck

Gretchen Carey

Maude de Schauensee

Molly & Jonathan Deutsch

Alexandra Edsall & Robert Victor

Nancy & Mike Evans

Wendy & Walter Foulke

Katy & Jason Friedland

Vivian & William Gast

Elizabth H. Gemmill

Penelope P. Harris

The Hill at Whitemarsh

Lynn Hitschler

Marguerite Lenfest

Sueyun Locks

Angela & William Lutz, Jr.

Dan Macey & Paul Savidge

Debbie Maine

George H. McNeely

Leslie Miller & Richard Worely Foundation

Peter Paone & Alma Alabilikian

Nicole & George Riter

Richard Snowden & Fred Holzerman

Ethel Benson Wister