Zoom Requirements and Procedures for Online Classes and Events

Woodmere online classes and events are provided via the Zoom meeting platform. For the best meeting experience, the following equipment is recommended:

  • Laptop, desktop computer, or iPad (iPhones and Android devices will also work, although on a smaller scale)  
  • Webcam (most modern computers and tablets have this built in, or you can connect one to your computer via a USB plug in or wireless Bluetooth)
  • Microphone (most newer computers and tablets have this built in)
  • Optional: Headphones/Earbuds (these are recommended to help increase audio clarity and reduce unwanted audio feedback)
  • Strong and reliable internet connection
For more detailed information regarding Zoom computer requirements, click on the following link to see the complete list provided by Zoom:
Before beginning your online class or event, it is recommended that you view the following Zoom tutorial to become familiar with the steps for joining a meeting:
If you have any questions or would like to practice joining a meeting, please contact Amanda Monroe at amonroe@woodmereartmuseum.org or Susan Richards at srichards@woodmereartmuseum.org.