A Game of Charades: Roundtable Discussion on the Art of Larry Day (Virtual)

7:00 pm
8:30 pm
Online via Zoom

Moderator: T.K. Smith, Philadelphia-based curator, writer, and cultural historian

Join contemporary artists, Mariel Capanna, Joseph Fyfe, Tyler Goldman, and Sarah McEneaney in a roundtable discussion to be moderated by TK Smith. Together, this group of artists and scholars will pool their knowledge and skill to discuss the legacy of Larry Day. 

Gesture, mimicry, and play permeate throughout the works of artist Larry Day (1921 – 1998). His abstract and realist compositions challenge viewers to participate in meaning-making through expert manipulation of symbols and iconography. Collapsing time and space, Day crafted visual narratives from the canons of art history, myth, and his everyday life, allowing the past to speak directly to his present. Like complex puzzles, viewers can tease through layers of allusion and allegory to discover new ways of seeing the past and engaging the present.