Café for Care Partners Portrait Painting by Artist Paul DuSold

1:30 pm
3:30 pm
Online via Zoom

ARTZ-Philadelphia's Café for Care Partners features artist Paul DuSold, who has been teaching at Woodmere for many years and is known affectionately as the "Rembrandt of Mt. Airy," in a live portrait-painting demonstration via Zoom. Watch the evolution of a portrait as Paul talks through his process and paints one participant (who will be sitting in his Mt. Airy studio). Observe how the painting takes shape before our eyes. At the conclusion of the program, the care partner who sits for Paul in his studio will have the privilege of taking home the portrait.

Cafés for Care Partners are an opportunity to get together informally outside the context of a support group. The cafes are definitely supportive-- but they're also periods of respite, a chance to kick back, go someplace new with new and old friends, and share a cup of coffee or glass of wine.