Part of the Program: Classical Music at Woodmere

Classical Saturday | Tempesta di Mare: A Song's Journey from Haiti & Back

5:00 pm
6:30 pm
Woodmere Art Museum
Musicians: Jean-Bernard Cerin, baritone; Joyce Cen, harpsichord and piano, and Eve Miller, cello
Lisette: A Song’s Journey from Haiti & Back, traces the circuitous history of “Lisette quitté la plaine,” the oldest surviving song text in early Haitian Creole that was arranged several times between c. 1757 and 1942. This program delves into the rich history of classical music in colonial Saint Domingue and traces how this song, originally famous in a slave holding society shifts in meaning as it finds new interpretations in black communities in Louisiana and modern Haiti.
Beyond Lisette, the program features operatic literature from early Haiti, anthem parodies from the Haitian Revolution and the American Civil War, music from 18th century Philadelphia, and virtuosic keyboard music from Louisiana and modern Haiti.
$25 ($15 members)