Entanglements with the Erotic: Roland Ayers and the Liberation of Flesh

6:00 pm
7:00 pm
Woodmere Art Museum

Lecturer: TK Smith, a curator, writer, and Ph.D. candidate in the History of American Civilization program at the University of Delaware.

Master draftsman Roland Ayers (1932 – 2014) employed a stream of consciousness method of drawing that he believed offered the opportunity to experience and express freedom. Ayers rendered bodies −suspended and entangled−in acts of desire, both beautiful and grotesque. Entanglements with the Erotic will explore Ayers’s use of eroticism as a method of resistance and spiritual transcendence. With ink on paper, he revealed the most intimate parts of himself −dreams, fears, and desires− boldly embracing pleasure and vulnerability to create vivid and surreal imagery from the well of his own psyche. 

Guests are invited to arrive early and enjoy refreshments prior to the lecture, which will be followed by a closing reception for Roland Ayers: Calligraphy of Dreams.

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