Part of the Program: Family Happenings

Lenape Games and Stories

1:00 pm
3:00 pm
Woodmere Art Museum

1-3 pm 


with Bluejay, Storyteller and Chief of Culture, Lenape Nation of PA

Registration recommended: email 

Enjoy an afternoon playing traditional Lenape games such as Jackstraws (Pick Up Sticks), Dice Game (Mamantickan) and more. Children will make their own hoop sticks to play the game of Hoop and Stick, and learn about the history of the Lenape Nation through storytelling and artifacts. Bluejay will also lead everyone in Friendship and Snake Dances.  

Bluejay, aka Barbara Michalski, was given the name by her grandfather, Bill Thompson, late Chief Whippoorwill of the Unalachtigo (people near the ocean) Tribe of the Turkey Clan.  She is a member of Lenape Nation of Pennsylvania (LNPA), serves on the Tribal Council and was recently  appointed Chief of Culture.  She has been participating in educating the public in the Lenapehoking (Homeland of the Lenape) and loves to teach children the history of the Lenape Nation through crafts, storytelling, and artifacts.