Part of the Program: Family Happenings

Martin Luther King, Jr. Day Festival

12:00 pm
4:00 pm
Woodmere Art Museum

Philly Children’s March 
Children and their families are invited to draw inspiration from Dr. King’s themes, words, and activism to write letters to Philadelphia’s Mayor Jim Kenney. The Philly Children’s March is an interracial network of families talking, playing, and rising up together for racial justice.

Artmaking and Storytelling 
Listen to stories about Dr. King, Rosa 
Parks, Ruby Bridges, Harriet Tubman, and many others who fought for freedom 
and civil rights; then create an art project commemorating these American heroes.

Denise Valentine, Storyteller 
3:00 p.m.
Denise Valentine pays tribute to the messages of Dr. King and performs traditional folktales and songs that illustrate the importance of family, community, and good character. Her stories are flavored with colorful people, talking animals, humor, suspense, and action, all brought to life with music and movement. They reveal acts of resistance, resilience, 
and reciprocity that have sustained African Americans through their long struggle for freedom.