Members' Tour | Hearing the Brush: The Painting and Poetry of Warren and Jane Rohrer

6:00 pm
7:30 pm
Woodmere Art Museum

Join Woodmere's associate curator Rachel Hruszkewycz for a tour of Hearing the Brush: The Art and Poetry of Warren and Jane Rohrer, now on view through July 10.

Husband and wife inspired each other with words and visual forms. Both artists drew inspiration from a shared Mennonite background and from the textures, colors, and rhythms of central Pennsylvania’s farms and verdant landscapes. Born in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, Warren Rohrer (1927–1995) was one of Philadelphia’s leading abstract painters. Jane Rohrer (born 1928) grew up in Virginia. Her poetry is known for its observational qualities, a sense of sound, and a deeply felt emotional core and has been published in the American Poetry Review, Parallels: Artists/Poets, and elsewhere.

Refreshments will be served after the tour. To register, please email Erin Lawrence at

Free for members