Supa Sista Presents Poems / Songs for the People

6:00 pm

Ursula Rucker will mesmerize audiences with selections from her powerful and passionate debut album, Supa Sista. Rucker’s sultry voice, words, and fighting spirit address themes of peace, love, truth, injustice, freedom, humanity, healing, and revolution (to name a few). She has collaborated with the Roots, King Britt, the Silent Poets, and many others.

Performers: Ursula Rucker, spoken word artist; Tim Motzer, guitarist
$22 ($12 Members)

Tickets may be purchased at the door or through Eventbrite:

Ursula Rucker is also instructing an Anti-Workshop Poetry / Performance Workshop from 11am - 1pm on Saturday. For more information, click here.
To register, email or call 215.247.0948