Part of the Program: Adult Classes and Workshops

W2 | Intro to Eastern Woodlands Bead Embroidery in partnership with Mt. Airy Learning Tree

1:00 pm
4:00 pm
Woodmere Art Museum Studio

Spend an afternoon designing and executing an original piece of bead embroidery using traditional Lenape techniques. Students will learn and create a traditional floral embroidery on a black background. Clan Mother Teri Hislop teaches in the traditional way, not “Lecture style” but rather, “demonstrates as we go” with everyone around the table working and talking. Explore learning about this traditional art form and discover how it has been used to illustrate stories and teachings of Lenape culture.

Clan Mother Teri Hislop is a tribal member of the Lenape Nation of Pennsylvania and Keeper of Traditional Craft. She tells stories through her illustrative beadwork and other traditional crafts such as pine needle basketry. She is also an instructor of the Lenape language.