Creating Community Connections Through the Arts: AIM Academy


About the Exhibition

AIM Academy’s community is better together when creating and sharing artwork. Whether producing an individual artwork, or taking part in a community photography challenge or a lantern festival, AIM Academy celebrates all students’ creativity, joy, and learning. This exhibition presents the paintings, prints, photographs, sculptures, and lanterns created by students in 1st-12th grade that reflect the many ways they have collaborated and connected with one another this school year.

AIM Academy, located in Conshohocken, is the largest school in the Delaware Valley region that serves children with language-based learning differences. By providing instructional programs in an arts-based learning environment, students' sense of social responsibility and self-esteem thrives.

The artwork in this exhibtion displays the creative teachings of AIM Academy’s art faculty: Susan Braccia, Caitlin Schlosser, Stacy Stackhouse, and Maryanne Yoshida.