Friends of the Wissahickon 2020 Biennial Wissahickon Photo Contest

The Wissahickon Valley’s timeless beauty has brought out the best in countless artists, photographers, writers, poets, and musicians. The Biennial Wissahickon Photo Contest 2020 is presented by Friends of the Wissahickon, Wissahickon Trails, and Woodmere Art Museum. Scroll down to see 2020's winning photos.
Best in show: Brian Maher, "Wood Duck, Profile"
People's Choice: Greg Off, "Blue Stone Bridge over a Shallow Wissahickon Creek"
Landscape: Mac Allen, "Duality of Reality Next to the Walnut Lane Bridge on Forbidden Drive"
People: Bill McGeeney, "Ten Box climbing area with Kaitlyn Evans"
Structures: Hunter Nichols, "Forbidden Bathroom"
Wildlife: Brian Maher, "Kingfisher and Fall Foliage"
Youth: Maddie Bergson-Conklin "Landscape"
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