Inspired by Nature


About the Exhibition

Young artists at Woodmere Art Museum and Mindy Flexer Art School came together this summer to create an installation of an ecosystem filled with real and imagined plants and animals. The artists were inspired by the animals and plants of the past and present and envisioned those of the future. They had the opportunity to think and talk about climate change and the ways in which it is changing our world and the living things in it. 
Over 35 artists, ages 10 and up, took part in designing and constructing this collaborative project where art became the thread for creating community. The artists became an interdependent system similar to the way an ecosystem works. Everyone belonged, everyone was valued and everyone was integral to the process and success of the project. Together, and under the guidance of artist and educator Mindy Flexer and her intern, Molly Hynes, students went on a voyage of discovery through the marvels of nature with a destination no one could have foreseen.

Since 2007, Mindy Flexer has expanded her studio to include the Mindy Flexer Art School, to give people of all ages and walks of life a place to come together and create art, community, and social change. Students explore different materials, develop their technical skills and artistic voice, and share the journey of being artists together. Learn more at

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Opening Reception for Inspired by Nature

Sunday, 11 September 2022 00:00
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