Wissahickon High School Art Invitational


About the Exhibition

This exhibition showcases the diverse and distinctive artmaking strategies embraced by Wissahickon High School students. Though a focused selection, the exhibition pays tribute to all the students and the passion they dedicate to exploring, questioning, processing, and creating. Students create art of various concepts and work in a wide array of media including acrylic paint, charcoal, digital art, photography, cardboard, clay and other materials. ​

Wissahickon High School, located in Ambler, serves approximately 1,350 students in grades nine through twelve. The art department offers a wide range of classes that foster students’ explorations in drawing, painting, printmaking, photography, graphic and web design, and ​3-dimensional expression. Under the guidance of the following art educators, students are inspired to develop their artistic voices and self-expression.​​

Christine Channick​

Candace LeClaire ​

Serene McLaughlin 

Ian Williams ​

Scott Williamson