Works of HeART: William Penn Charter School


About the Exhibition

Works of HeART  features art made by students, kindergarten through fifth grade, at William Penn Charter School. Students work in studios that focus on two-dimensional projects devoted to drawing, painting, collage, weaving, and batik, as well as three-dimensional artworks in woodworking, ceramics, and sculpture.  

The importance of each student’s individual voice is part of Penn Charter School’s Quaker philosophy. The imagination and self-expression of young artists are nurtured under the guidance of art teachers, Karen Riedlmeier and Michelle Dowd, who expose students to a range of diverse art experiences and media. From vividly colored paintings, drawings, prints, and wooden key racks, to textured metal embossing and masks, the art on exhibit highlights the vibrant visual arts program at Penn Charter School.  


Exhibition-related Events

April 25 | Works of HeART Millard Exhibition Online Reception  | 6 p.m.