For select exhibitions, Woodmere Art Museum publishes Catalogues. Below please find the Catalogues that are available to view online. If you would like to purchase a full version of a non-digital exhibition Catalogue, please click here. All non-digital exhibition catalogues are available in limited quantities. Orders will be fulfilled on a first come first serve basis.

  • Africa in the Arts of Philadelphia: Bullock, Searles, and Twins Seven-Seven

    Africa in the Arts of Philadelphia brings together the work of visual artists Barbara Bullock, Charles Searles, and Twins Seven-Seven.
  • The Woodmere Annual: 78th Juried Exhibition

    Woodmere's 78th annual juried exhibition, Second Nature: The Poetics of Re-presentation, highlights contemporary work by artists living within fifty miles of the museum.
  • Freedom's Journal: The Art of Jerry Pinkney

    Master watercolorist and renowned illustrator, Jerry Pinkney (born 1939) is celebrated worldwide. The exhibition focuses on the subject of civil rights and the pursuit of freedom.
  • Just In: Recent Acquisitions in Sculpture and Relief

    Just In will celebrate a number of recent gifts to the museum in sculpture and relief and highlight the generosity of collectors from across this city.
  • Fast Lane: The NASCAR Photography of Darryl Moran

    Speed, action, danger, corporate logos, pop icons—these are the defining elements of Darryl Moran’s stock car racing photographs.
  • The Woodmere Annual: 77th Juried Exhibition

    Woodmere’s annual juried exhibition highlights contemporary work in a wide variety of media by artists living within fifty miles of the Museum.
  • Elizabeth Osborne: Animal Paintings and Watercolors

    One of Philadelphia’s most respected artists, Elizabeth Osborne (born 1936) is often drawn to the beauty and special personalities of household pets: dogs, cats, and other animals.
  • Charles Santore: Fifty Years of Art and Storytelling

    This first-ever retrospective of the work of Charles Santore (born 1935) traces the development of the internationally renowned illustrator.
  • The Woodmere Annual: 76th Juried Exhibition

    Woodmere Art Museum invited artists to submit work that contends with the importance of art in an era of heightened political uncertainty.
  • The Journeys of John Laub: Fire Island and Beyond

    John Laub’s landscape paintings are immersive environments of lush forests, winding pathways, and sun-soaked beaches. His depictions of places like Fire Island celebrate the beauty of nature.