Constance Cochrane

Life Dates

Constance Cochrane was born in the United States Navy Yard in Pensacola, Florida, to a naval family, her love of the sea emerging at a young age. Her first art courses she took at the Philadelphia School of Design for Women (now Moore College of Art), studying under Elliot Daingerfield and Henry B. Snell. Cochrane lived and worked in the family home in Darby, Pennsylvania, becoming an active, versatile painter known for accomplished seascapes featuring breaking waves and her still lifes. First visiting the island of Monhegan, Maine -the inspiration for much of her work- in 1921, Cochrane returned every summer thereafter and eventually purchased a summer home and studio there known as “Anchor Ledge”.

Devoted in her efforts to support female artists, she was a founding member of The Philadelphia Ten, a group of women who traveled cross country exhibited works together from 1917 through 1945. Through her exhibitions she would go on to win numerous awards. During her time in the collective , she actively lectured at the Philadelphia School of Design for Women. Cochrane was a member of the Philadelphia Art Alliance and the National Association of Women Artists in New York. Her works are part of a number of public and private collections of museums and schools in Pennsylvania and the tri-state area.

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