Louise Zimmerman Stahl

Life Dates
b. 1920
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  • Moore '82 Artist I studied color theory with Louis Stahl for two years , 1979-1980, at Moore College of Art. We used the Munsell system and Louise incorporated the Bauhuas theory into her teachings. Louise had built a light box in the color room that took up a third of the space. She would adjust the light in there to show how the same color would look completely different against alternate colors and in different light situations. Louise had a marvelous sense of humor, boundless intellectual and physical energy and expected you to work as hard as she did and love it as much too! My first color exercise piece for Louise was turning out so well that I had a stream of students visit my room to see what I was doing. It was subsequently 'lifted' from the classroom when I left it there overnight after a crit. I'll know it when I see it again! Louise told me I was an excellent colorist and should work for a company like Crayola. I felt like I was on the right path as an artist after studying with Louise; She instilled unwavering confidence in me.

    Megan Gannon Lawlor