Mildred Bunting Miller

Life Dates

Mildred Bunting Miller was born in Philadelphia and attended Lafayette College, John Hopkins University, and the University of Maryland. She attended the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts (1910-15) and studied with Thomas Anshutz, Hugh Breckenridge, Daniel Garber, and Violet Oakley, whose self-portrait hangs to the left.

Miller was also a resident artist, instructor and co-director at the Pennsylvania Academy of the Art's summer school in Chester Springs, where she taught alongside Henry McCarter. Later in her life, she moved to California where she was an instructor in the state education program. Miller has exhibited at the Art Institute of Chicago, Corcoran Gallery of Art, Baltimore Museum of Art, Brooklyn Museum of Art, Phillips Memorial, National Academy of Design, the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts, and many other locations in California and the Midwest.

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