Murray Dessner, Café au Lait

Murray Dessner: Cafe au Lait (2010) Acrylic on canvas
Café au Lait
Acrylic on canvas
Credit Line
Gift of the artist, 2011
22 x 25 in.

In Café au Lait, an atmosphere of color and radiant light offers itself as a focus for meditation. Although diaphanous and cloud-like, the palette of variations in orange, yellow, and red tones does not reflect the colors of the natural sky.

Murray Dessner studied at the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts. An abstract painter, he is admired for his extraordinary ability to create a palpable sense of light and dramatize its effect on color. He made several trips to Patmos, a small Greek island in the Aegean Sea, which introduced him to the effects of incandescent light.

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  • Murray painted this study in Paris in 2010. We rented a lovely apartment in the Marais for 6 weeks. He completed two other studies there: Marais and Luxembourg Gardens.

    Linda Dessner