Salvatore Pinto, Crowded Beach Scene

Salvatore Pinto: Crowded Beach Scene (c. 1940) Gouache on paper
Crowded Beach Scene
c. 1940
Gouache on paper
Credit Line
Museum purchase, in honor of Dianne A. Meyer, 2011
15 1/8 x 19 5/8 in.

Crowded Beach Scene is a carefully prepared fusion of figures and objects. Striped and polka dot patterns, and multitude of shapes fill the space with visual activity. Pinto places large groupings of figures on the left and right of the canvas and connects them with a reclining figure in the foreground. The pink flesh of some figures is mirrored in the pink and white clouds filling the sky.

Listen to John Ignarri, great-nephew of Salvatore Pinto, talk about his great-uncle's reaction to his childhood artwork.

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