William H. Campbell, Double Exposure

William H. Campbell: Double Exposure (1979) Acrylic on canvas
Double Exposure
Acrylic on canvas
Credit Line
Gift of the artist in honor of Dr. Burton Wasserman, 2005
40 x 40 in.
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  • Hi Bruce! Great looking room - I can feel the warmth of the sun through the window. Thanks for sharing such a pleasant image. Emmet

    emmet robinson
  • This is a painting of Bill's studio. It brings fond memories. I sat in those yellow chairs at his table many times on my visits. Bill had been my father's studio partner for 27 years at 3 different locations around center city and I shared the last studio at 1715 Walnut St. with Bill for a year before he left to paint full-time at his home studio in this painting. He was a good friend for many years.

    Bruce Rauffenbart