Paula Erggelet, Frenchman's Bay-Mt. Desert (Maine)

Paula Erggelet: Frenchman's Bay-Mt. Desert (Maine) (Undated) Oil on gold leaf
Frenchman's Bay-Mt. Desert (Maine)
Oil on gold leaf
Credit Line
Purchase by Woodmere and Seven Subscribers
21 5/8" x 23 ¾"
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  • Oakwood a hilltop estate in Warrenton, VA is the location for a painting made prior to 1928 by Baroness Paula Erggelet which features a Meet of the Warrenton Hunt. I am seeking information about the artist and the present location of the painting for a book that I am writing on the Warrenton Hunt and foxhunting.

    john head
  • I guess my response to Mr. Head's post is better late than never... I have a foxhunting watercolor by Paula Erggelet but I am unaware of any possible relationship it may have to the Warrenton Hunt Meet as I b eleven it is simply titled 'Foxhunt with dogs'.