Warren Rohrer, Green Stance

Warren Rohrer: Green Stance (1984) Oil on canvas
Green Stance
Oil on canvas
Credit Line
Gift of Jack R. Bershad, 1996
60 x 60 in.

Warren Rohrer, a native of Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, was raised in a Mennonite farming community, and his paintings pay homage to the traditions of respecting and working the land that he internalized as a child. In Green Stance, a systematic buildup of rhythmic marks across the canvas create a tightly patterned surface. The painting evokes a landscape with vast space, solid ground, and a sense of heavy air. A blue base seamlessly transitions to a vivid forest green at the top of the canvas. Strokes of earthy red hues peek through the rich field of cooler colors.

In 1984 Rohrer moved with his wife into the former studio of Violet Oakley, a renowned muralist and major figure in the cultural life of Philadelphia. Rohrer taught for twenty-five years at the Philadelphia College of Art (now the University of the Arts).

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