Walter Elmer Schofield, Untitled [Harbor Scene]

Walter Elmer Schofield: [Harbor Scene] (Undated) Oil on canvas
Untitled [Harbor Scene]
Date unknown
Oil on canvas
Credit Line
Gift of Patricia Allison, 1998
19 x 22 ½ in.

This landscape is likely a scene of a harbor in Cornwall, England, possibly along the docks in Penzance, along the southern coast of the United Kingdom, where from 1904 onwards Schofield spent much of his summer months. His penchant for strong, vivid color draws attention towards the moody scene. Schofield here depicts a hazy view of the harbor, opting for a harmony of cool and warm tones to describe the surroundings. Cool colors are at their most intense among the shadows between the resting sail boats. Three red-faced sailors -two tying a boat to the dock- seem to appear through a second glance, largely obscured by the crimson of the boats around them.

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