Daniel Garber, Illyria

Daniel Garber: Illyria (c. 1941) Soft ground etching, etching, and drypoint
c. 1941
Soft ground etching, etching, and drypoint
Credit Line
Gift of the Collection of Harry and Catherine Kuch, 1987
8 ¾" x 11 7/8"

Though best known for his painting, Garber was also an accomplished etcher and printmaker. This soft-ground etching is an exemplary case of Garber’s skill with the black and white medium, in which he illustrates a riverside featuring varying foliage, a small girl in the bottom center of the piece, and a sailboat perceivable in the clearing to the left. His expert handling of the medium is demonstrated in the variations of shadow that across the trees and through the minimal detail used in conveying the girl’s form. Garber produced relatively small editions of such prints.

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