Claude Joseph Warlow, In Manayunk

Claud Joseph Warlow: In Manayunk (Date unknown) Oil on canvas
In Manayunk
Date unknown
Oil on canvas
Credit Line
Bequest of Dorothy J. del Bueno, 2020
50 x 40 in.

In Manayunk captures the quiet early morning light in this hilly neighborhood of clustered buildings. Claude Joseph Warlow leads us through the shadows of the cobblestone streets, past houses bathed in warm sunlight and up to the monumental St. John the Baptist Church. A steeple tower pierces the sky.                          

Woodmere has collected numerous works by artists who found their inspiration in Manayunk, an industrial and residential neighborhood on the Schuylkill River northwest of Philadelphia. Antonio P. Martino, Francis Speight, and Ron Tarver are among those who have been drawn to Manayunk visual richness: the drama of its steep terrain and its mix of monumental, industrial, and domestic architecture.                       


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  • This great painting is very relaxing . The suggestion of the people is just perfect as they are painted quick and not over detailed as the trees and street lighted lamps are rendered. BRAVO!

    Jeffry T. Dahl