Ron Rumford, Itinerary

Ron Rumford: Itinerary (2001) Engraving and relief
Engraving and relief
Credit Line
Gift of Margaret Chew Dolan and Peter Maxwell in honor of Michael W. Schantz, 2009
22" x 30"

I like to pick out distinct colors and shapes that appeal to me and work to find a suitable arrangement for them that either creates a specific kind of unity or allows each element (color/shape) to reidentify itself due to its place in the composition. I am attracted to quilts because of how they bring disparate elements together and create a new reality and new meanings for the parts.

-Ron Rumford

A delicate, curving line marks a journey, or "itinerary,” across irregularly shaped zones of white and black. The complexity of the printed surfaces adds to the metaphorical resonances between the contrasting areas of light and dark.

Rumford was born in Maryland and attended the Philadelphia College of Art (now the University of the Arts) and Tyler School of Art in Rome.

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