Syd Carpenter, Steve Donegan, La Cresta


As part of a larger landscape plan, the latest addition to Woodmere’s grounds is a collaboration with Philadelphia artists Syd Carpenter and Steve Donegan. The land-sculpting installation takes inspiration from the horticultural practice of hügelkulture. Visually, La Cresta is comprised of two large organic mounds designed by the artists and inspired in part by the forms of sprouting seed pods. It is a work of art that blurs the line between creativity and horticultural practice.

To learn more about La Cresta, click here.

La Cresta is featured in an episode of Woodmere's podcast, Diving Board. To subscribe and listen, click here.

If you are on-site at Woodmere Art Museum and are looking for an immersive and interactive experience, click here to view the WOW Interactive Map.

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