Charles Santore, Medical Center: Chad Everett

Credit Line
Gift of the Artist, 2018
13 x 17 in.

The Medical Center drama series took place in a university hospital in Los Angeles. The show focused on two medical practitioners: the experienced Doctor Paul Lochner and the talented young surgeon Doctor Joe Gannon. Dr. Lochner was Gannon’s superior and reined him in to keep him out of trouble. Dr. Gannon was portrayed as an enthusiastic and compassionate physician, advocating for the best care and treatment for all his patients.

Chad Everett (1937–2012) became quite well known for his role as Dr. Gannon on Medical Center. After getting his degree in drama at Wayne State University in Detroit, Everett said that he started acting for two reasons. First, he became easily bored, and second, he used acting as a way to vent his repressed emotions. During his lifetime, he appeared in more than forty films and television series.

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