Franklin D. Briscoe, Off Dieppe

Franklin D. Briscoe: Off Dieppe (Undated) Oil on board
Off Dieppe
Oil on board
Credit Line
Bequest of Charles Knox Smith
6 5/8 x 10 1/2"
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  • I've recently gotten similar painting from my auntie, but looking at your painting. What I received seems to be just 2/3 of the painting. It's missing the beginning 1/3 where the artist signature on yours is located. Is your painting the original? Is there any other that you know of? Do you any reproduction? Or just painting/copying part of it? Mine also missing the 2 farther ships in a distance even though there's room for them. You're welcome to email me any knowledge about this painting. The frame on mine stated, " Coast of Normandy" "1879" Franklin D. Briscoe". I'm thinking of removing the frame and looking in the back to see if any signature or markings.

  • We don't have any like that in our collection, DT, but an appraiser might be able to help you identify it.

    Woodmere Art Museum
  • Is it possible or do you any paintings by Artist Franklin D. Briscoe w/out his signature except his name on the frame? I received a painting from my auntie w/out signature. It just said, "Coast of Normandy", "1879", Franklin D. Briscoe" on the bottom middle of the frame. Thank you.