Jimmy Lueders, Portrait of Armand Mednick

Jimmy Lueders: Portrait of Armand Mednick (1982) Oil on canvas
Portrait of Armand Mednick
Oil on canvas
Credit Line
Gift of Elizabeth Osborne, 2001
106 x 58 ¼ in.

The monumental scale of this painting suggests the significance of the friendship between Jimmy Lueders and Armand Mednick. Here, Lueders employs gestural brushstrokes and builds a painterly surface referencing, it seems, the tactile and organic qualities of Mednick's ceramic pots. Mednick explained:

Jimmy encompasses my whole life in that picture by having a huge version of one of my Holocaust tiles in the background and one of my pots in the lower-right foreground. It connects my past, present, and future. . .  In the background of the painting are the ovens where the members of my family were burned. The arching forms are the ovens, and there's a figure in one of them. At the time he made this painting he used a lot of my pots as vases for flowers in his paintings. The manner of depicting light was so important to Jimmy.

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  • Jimmy, Armand and Larry Day played poker monthly at each others homes and shared a dinner as well. Not sure who other members of their "club" were. EO

    Elizabeth Osborne