William H. Campbell, Red Green Black Power

William H. Campbell: Red Green Black Power (1971) Acrylic on canvas
Red Green Black Power
Acrylic on canvas
Credit Line
Gift of William H. Campbell in honor of Michael W. Schantz, 2010
50 x 50 in.

Campbell was introduced to abstraction by his teacher, Philadelphia modernist Earl Horter. By the mid-1940s Campbell had begun to make large, nonobjective canvases—paintings with no recognizable subject matter. His focus was shape, line, and color. Here the juxtaposition of red, black, and green creates an optical illusion of depth and spatial recession.

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  • William Campbell was one of the founding members of the Main Point. The legendary coffeehouse in Bryn Mawr that featured many folk, blues and singer songwriters including Joni Mitchell, Jackson Browne, Bruce Springsteen, Muddy Waters and Bonnie Rait, to name only a few. Bill created beautiful hand lettered programs for the club. My father & Bill shared a studio in Center City for 17 years. We became good friends. He was very supportive. Bill was always interested in what younger artists were doing and thinking.

    Bruce Rauffenbart