Charles Kalick, Structure #54

Charles Kalick: Structure #54 (1993) Acrylic on board
Structure #54
Acrylic on board
Credit Line
Gift of Alan Harler, 1996
40" x 32"

Charles Kalick created a series of paintings called Structures between 1987 and 1994. Combining an expressive handling of paint with decorative elements, he painted ropelike linear elements within a moody, spatial environment that seems shallow in some areas and deep in others, suggesting a mystery beyond our knowing. The gestural movement of line is essential to the character of these paintings.

Born in Philadelphia, Kalick attended the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts from 1967–1972. He was granted the Lewis S. Ware Memorial and William Emlen Cresson Memorial Travel Scholarships, and received a Pennsylvania Council on the Arts Fellowship. For more than three decades Kalick's work has been exhibited in the New York and Philadelphia area. He has shown his work at LG Tripp Gallery and the former Sande Webster Gallery in Philadelphia.

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