Frank Hyder, The Dance

Frank Hyder: The Dance (1987) Oil on plywood
The Dance
Oil on plywood
Credit Line
Gift of Frances and Robert Kohler, 1990
15" 19 ½"
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  • This piece was part of a group of smaller wood pieces I made in 1986 in the spring and summer. I had been working very large and decided to make a number of pieces on a small Cale that allowed me to see several ideas, quickly.the ideas were a synthesis of my images of that time of mythic beaches and Youngian Archetypes. The tools were very simple ,as I drew the images directly on to birch panels with red pastel .Then carved them with one or two different chisels. The Show was at the More gallery on walnut st and was a surprise due to their small size.There are larger images with many of these elements but they all have thick oil paint as another element in the image.

    frank Hyder