Alice Kent Stoddard, The Puppies' Angel

Alice Kent Stoddard: The Puppies' Angel (Date unknown) Oil on canvas
The Puppies' Angel
Oil on canvas
Credit Line
Gift of Samuel David, 1972

Known primarily a portraitist, Stoddard was commissioned to paint prominent Philadelphians throughout her long career. She often included family pets in her depictions of Philadelphia's elite, but here a beautiful, blond angel cuddles a puppy as another looks up in admiration. Stoddard had served as a combat artist in World War I and she designed military aircraft during World War II. We can imagine that the angel and puppies, depicted in the decade following WWII, are a metaphor of the eternal embrace of the many innocent souls lost to the wars of the 20th century.  

In 1948, Stoddard married fellow artist Joseph Pearson; both were dedicated volunteers at Woodmere.

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  • Hello! Sandy Stoddard was also known as Reverend Lois C. Thomas she was my grandmother. My sister previously commented but I wanted to add that Sandy was a nickname due to the color of her hair. She was married to Kent Stoddard at this time. It means so much to me to see this painting and know that she is considered and thought of, if not exactly remembered, by many other people because of it.

  • We now know that this portrait of Sandy Stoddard was painted during the fall of 1948 when Sandy was living at Alice Kent Stoddard's Chestnut Hill house on W. Gravers Lane after she married Joe Pearson. Alice then exhibited it at the National Academy of Design in 1948 #143.

    Barbra Stoddard
  • Barbra, May I ask: what was the relationship between Sandy Stoddard and the artist?

    Bill Valerio
  • I have a portrait of my father, Alexander Bloomfield McFadden, done by AKS when my father was perhaps 14 years old (maybe 1928?). Does anybody know what happened to AKS's records as it would be amusing to know what she charged for it?

    John McFadden
  • Any additional information would be much appreciated.

    Barbra Stoddard
  • This is a portrait of my grandmother. I have always wanted to see it--my heart just skipped a beat! I grew up seeing personal portraits that the artist had done for family members, but never this.

  • Alexis, is your grandmother Inez Renninger? I would love to talk to you about it. Please email me at Thanks!

    Barbra Stoddard
  • No, sorry she wasn't!