Roy C. Nuse, The Quarry at Rushland

Roy C. Nuse: The Quarry at Rushland (1938) Oil on canvas
The Quarry at Rushland
Oil on canvas
Credit Line
Museum purchase, 2012
22" x 24"

Nuse often painted the gardens, streams, farms, and quarry near his home in Rushland, Bucks County, Pennsylvania. In this painting, the large, clay-like sculptural face of the quarry sweeps upward, revealing a sunny countryside beyond. Short, staccato dabs of paint create the distinct textures of trees, rocks, houses, and land. Nuse was committed to creating paintings that remained faithful to nature, but at the same time his work demonstrates a symbolist sensibility. We must imagine that the quarry represents the intrusion of the modern world on the countryside: the aberration in the landscape that provides for the creation of modernity, literally providing the stones that became the building blocks of cities like Philadelphia, New York, and Washington, DC.


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