Doris Staffel, [Untitled]

Doris Staffel: [Untitled] (c. 2003-2004) Acrylic and collage on board
c. 2003-2004
Acrylic and collage on board
Credit Line
Gift of the artist, 2011
10 x 10 in.

This work was first exhibited in Staffel's November 2004 solo exhibition at the Rosenfeld Gallery. The show consisted of an untitled series of works, similar to this, in which color shapes are suspended in a field of white.

Edges are blurred, forms simplified. Improvisational flicks of the brush animate the canvas. Gone are the dense, frenetic lines present in the works from 2002. Color shapes emerge out of the white surface, a watery connector between marks, thoughts, and images. Yellow and green circles sit at the top of the canvas, in contrast to the diagonal colors that dance upward.



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