Jody Pinto, Untitled

Jody Pinto: Untitled (1967) Cement and pigment on canvas
Cement and pigment on canvas
Credit Line
Gift from the collection of Benjamin D. Bernstein, 1995
 65 ¼  "x 72"

Carved into wet, dyed cement -the tough material of construction -Jody Pinto's imagery seems to alternate between cryptic suggestions of still life and architectural assemblage. The assertive materiality and physicality of the crude cement has a primordial effect, prompting associations with cave paintings, some of man's first known artistic creations.

Pinto made this work when she was a student at the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts, and she included it on her "wall” at graduation. She now teaches at the Academy and is internationally known for her creative integration of art into architecture and landscape. She has completed nearly forty collaborative projects in the United States, Israel, and Japan since 1975.


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