Lanny Bergner, Untitled

Lanny Bergner: Untitled (1983) Charcoal on aluminum screen
Charcoal on aluminum screen
Credit Line
Gift of Jack and Helen Bershad, 2003
 72" x 30" x 30"

I love the natural world and am constantly inspired by its beauty and infinite varieties of form. This, in combination with my fears, quirks, and joys, results in works that celebrate the wonder of it all.

— Lanny Bergner

Bergner makes sculptures out of common, nontraditional materials that he purchases in hardware stores: industrial aluminum screening, copper wire, silicone, and mono-filament. He uses manual processes of coiling, fraying, twisting, wrapping, gluing, and knotting to create works of art that appear to have “grown into being” as self-generated entities.

Bergner received his MFA from Tyler Schoolof Art, built a successful career in Philadelphia, and currently resides in Seattle.

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