Samuel Joseph Brown, Wash Girl

Samuel Joseph Brown: Wash Girl (1935) Woodcut
Wash Girl
Credit Line
Museum purchase, Charles Knox Smith Acquisition Fund, 2007
10 x 7 7/8 in.
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  • As I recall Sam Brown taught Commercial Art in the Philadelphia Public School system at Dobbins Vocational High School. In the fall of 1967 I entered the two-year post high school program at Dobbins to pursue commercial art. As a teacher Sam Brown made a memorable impression on me not only for his skill as draftsman, but also for his outright enthusiasm and boundless energy in dealing with students. At the time, I had never personally encountered any other African American adult with that combination of characteristics. In retrospect his over the top enthusiasm for art-making, generous spirit in sharing his knowledge and entertaining mannerisms probably had an impact on my career path in the arts. From the age of 17 to 19, Sam Brown figured prominently in my young educational trajectory in the arts. The fact that now at the age of 63, I still think of him with great fondness which speaks volumes about his influence.

    Clarence Morgan