Antonio Pietro Martino, White Head-Monhegan Island, Maine

Antonio Pietro Martino: White Head-Monhegan Island, Maine (c. 1960) Oil on board
White Head-Monhegan Island, Maine
c. 1960
Oil on board
Credit Line
Gift of John Egan, 1982
15" x 21"

Broad brushstrokes depict a rocky cliffside covered in bright golden grass, dividing the scene between the pine covered countryside and the frothy blue-green waves. Though Martino’s oeuvre largely contained landscapes of the New Hope countryside, Monhegan Island has long drawn artists from far and wide to paint its scenic coastlines. This work likely came from a viewpoint not unlike this one.

A popular sight, especially within the 19th century, impressionists such as Mary Butler and Constance Cochrane were attracted to the coastal and cliffside views. The island also boasted an art colony which included the likes of  Robert Henri, George Bellows and Edward Hopper. A substantial artist community still exists there today.

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